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While some think using a tax professional is expensive, the truth is you can’t afford not to use one. Each year taxpayers leave millions of their tax refund dollars unclaimed. Moreover, tax laws are complicated and change daily. Using a tax professional gives you the peace of mind that you have taken advantage of all the tax credits and deductions entitled to you. Keep in mind home based tax softwares are helpful, but will never be an adequate substitute for professional help.

Allow Taxes2Go be your partner when it comes to income tax preparation. We provide:

Individual Income Tax Preparation

Taxes prepared for current and previous years.

Electronic Filing

The fastest and most accurate method to submit tax returns to the IRS.

Business Tax Preparation

Preparation of Business taxes for:     

     • Sole Proprietorship (Sch C)
     • Partnership (Form 1065)
     • S-Corporation (Form 1120S)
     • Corporation (Form 1120).

Bank Products

Using a bank product means there are no up-front fees.

Expert Advice

Trusted advisers who will guide you through the tax filing process on a one-to-one basis.

Audit Assistance

Our experienced tax professionals will advice you regarding tax planning, withholding adjustments, and many other issues that might affect tax situation.

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